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Pony Beads 1mm

Are you looking for a new type of beads to add to your collection? check out pony 1mm beads! These beads are silver-plated metal slider jigsters and are perfect for horses. The holes are small, but the beads are strong and last long.

Acrylic Barrel Pony Beads, 9mm, 80-pack

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Our pony beads are perfect for any horse! They are silver plated with a 2 hole slider and are also in 7 colors. They are perfect for charmer pendants and more.
these pup-sized beads are a fun and unique way to show off your own pony character. They come in three different metals - metal 2 hole slider, the metal 2 hole slider is perfect for wearing as a necklace or anklet, the metal slider for a braid, and the metal bracelet for a hair band.
This is a beautiful pony necklace with wild horse beads and a 3 hole slider charm! The metal 2 hole slider isgold plated and has a nice look and feel. The pendant is made out of metal and has a nice design,